Manual Boundaries In China (Critical Views)

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China says Soros' criticism of Xi is 'meaningless'

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Notice Continue. Always remember me Forget password? Login Have no account? When dealing with such a prominent and complex power as China, discussing and generalizing about its conduct may raise more questions than it answers.

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Nonetheless, due to the topical period for the country and its fast, multifaceted development, such questions open new directions for further research. To name a few: what is the role of a growing economy in the strengthening of its soft power? Is there a correlation between the two?

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Is China challenging another major assumption of soft power theory, which is that governments have only a limited role when wielding it Nye, , p. May China prove itself to be an innovator? To conclude, I would like to propose two main reasons for how and why China may be close to unleashing its true soft power potential. The first one is rather straightforward, the second one is a composite one, and it may require several pieces of the puzzle to fall into place. However, their successes did not come suddenly but followed a similar pattern which, unsurprisingly, is related to a steady economic development.

Once fewer people have to deal with daily struggles, they are likely to start making use of their skills, and innovation comes in multiple forms. The sheer size of the Chinese population could mean that even if a small amount of them manage to stand out, tens of thousands of entrepreneurs, visionaries, scientists, and artists, can eventually show their value. This relates to the second point, which is a compelling and inclusive story that has the ability to cross borders. This was because, while China might boast a population of 1.

Is it time for China to prove Lee Kuan Yew wrong? It would be wise of us to keep a close watch on its developments to come. Albert, E. Council on Foreign Relations. Barr, M. Zed Books.

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