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Were these adventurers aware of the consequences of this association or were they simply interested in pursuing their own interests regardless of the price? That's the question that this documentary seeks to answer for the search for pre-historic sites in the Sahara led to the development of maps for the Wehrmacht, while an airborne expedition in the Amazon helped to develop aerial photographic analysis. Adolf Hitler was full of admiration. He sent a splendid flower bouquet and congratulated her on her artistic mastery.

In return, he received a telegram of thanks: Large parts of Europe were subjugated to German rule, Nazi racial laws were in full force, and many Jews had either fl ed or been expelled, among them elites in music, theater, and film. Positioning herself as entirely nonpolitical, she claimed allegiance only to art, laughter, and entertainment.

By the time Hitler rose to power, she was already a star, internationally acclaimed for her revue appearances in New York, London, Paris, and Monte Carlo. Her fi lm career, launched in , made her an idol for an entire generation - even after the war. After , she suffered a brief fall from grace.

Allegations that she had been a Nazi spy were soon dismissed, and a court of honor of the actors' union provided her rehabilitation. Her talent was independent of any political system or ideology.

Wo warst du Adam? by Heinrich Böll (5 star ratings)

It wasn't just a Nazi dictator who loved her but the Americans and Russians too, especially in the newly established democratic Austrian republic. She was, indeed, a star for all seasons and would soon divert her audiences again, this time from the daily routine under Allied occupation and life between the ruins left by the relentless bombings of war. He was appointed commander of the newly established SS special units in and tasked with a new kind of warfare: That same year, Skorzeny became both famous and feared around the world due to the spectacular liberation of dictator Benito Mussolini.

Broad dueling scars from his student days gave him his nom de guerre: Even aiding in the development of special arms, Skorzeny fought doggedly to the end to avert the Third Reich's defeat. Skorzeny's special operations had a decisive impact on the course of World War II.

Even moreeffective than any of his missions, however, was the Skorzeny myth. Many still expected him to score a crucial surprise coup during the final stage of the war, a last-minute twist that would turn everything around, such as assassinating the Supreme Commander of the Allied forces, General Dwight D.

Erwachen in die Weiblichkeit: Erwachen in die Männlichkeit PDF Download - NarendraNorm

Eisenhower, amidst his general staff in Paris. The mission never took place and was never seriously planned. However, the rumors about it made the name Skorzeny a myth on both sides of the front. Apart from his myth, Skorzeny himself survived the war, though his voluntarysurrender to the Americans and his subsequent acquittal from all charges at a war crimes trial in Dachau, Germany, only fueled his myth all the more.

Wo warst du Adam?

To avoid the possibility of further trials in Germany, Skorzeny fled to Generalissimo Franco's Spain. A superhumanshadow figure who served as a projection screen for even the wildest and most contradictory visions, for good as well as evil. Following his death in Madrid in , a group of former National Socialists and neo-Nazis brought Skorzeny's ashes to Vienna.

The man Otto Skorzeny is dead but his myth endures to this day. Men around the world still dream of his adventures, read his books, compete with their role model in state-of-the-art 3D computer games, and will even buy a Skorzeny puppet as an object of admiration. Adi and Ludvik, too, have found a second home on Europe's rivers. The sailors are accompanied on a section of their journey, each revealing what life on board is like and the leisurely peace in their house boats.

How did a village boy become the Franz Liszt?

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The fi lm examines the key locations of his childhood as they are now and discovers an amazing continuity of artisanry, agriculture and music. This makes it easy to obtain a sense through the fi lm of an attitude to life that cannot be so very far away from the impressions formed by the young Franz Liszt.

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It offers a glimpse of the beauties of his small world through a child's eyes: Every brushmaker is a wizard, every animal a friend, every sound an enticement. But above all this is a musical fi lm. At the heart of it is the eleven-year-old prodigy, Oskar Weihs. Among other things, he plays excerpts from the piano works of Ferdinand Ries, Joseph Haydn, Johann Sebastian Bach and in a very special setting, Franz Liszt's fi rst composition. Video surveillance everywhere, the possibility to tap telephones and mobiles as well as to monitor internet traffic: The documentary travels back to the Orwellian year and traces the most important stages of the computer from its then natural environment to the present day in our homes.

A complete reconstruction lies ahead for our energy system over the next ten years. The traditional hierarchical energy supply structure is being turned on its head. Thanks to smart grids, people have the option of feeding electricity that they have produced themselves into the network, whilst on the other hand being able to continue to draw power from it when they need it.

The overall optimisation of network loads is to everyone's benefit. This film shows current developments and the way that such technologies work. From the energy-saving swimming pool to increasing the energy efficiency of buildings, the measures result in energy savings that lead to a reduction in CO 2 emissions of tonnes per year. Today, modernisation work carried out on power plants is bringing about record efficiency factors of an impressive 59 per cent.

Practical examples and theoretical considerations show how in future it will be possible to foster, generate and transport energy in an even cleaner, more efficient and environmentally friendly way. Their aesthetic and design bedazzle millions of people - but while for most of us cars are just basic commodities, for others they are more than simply a means of transportation.

This special kind of people are not enraptured by the views of their cars only. This documentary portrays some remarkable car lovers and depicts their very personal relationship to their fourwheeled companions.

Erwachen in Die Weiblichkeit

Ian Rankin is one of the most successful crime writers of the present day. His books have sold 60 million copies. In this authentic documentary, the author presents the locations in which his Inspector Rebus novels, which are set in the Scottish capital, take place. Rankin leads viewers into the labyrinth of old underground streets, to Greyfriars Cemetery, where grave Robbers once plied their gruesome trade, and to the Anatomical Museum, where a wallet made from human skin is on display.

This film presents a history of Outsider Art through the examples of exceptionally gifted artists. It looks at workshops for handicapped people run by different welfare organizations, examines the lives and work of prominent Art Brut figures and enters their private studios. These workshops encourage psychologically disabled artists to focus on their talent and concentrate on the essential: The psychologically handicapped artists are totally immersed in their personal work. Their art is pure, untouched by the styles and fashions that sweep the broader art world. Today, the works of disabled artists are creating a worldwide sensation.

Their works fit seamlessly into the history of art and add to a deeper appreciation of Modernity. Every year in Austria around 25 children are born that cannot be unambiguously classified as either boys or girls. These children are termed intersex. This is an approach that often has traumatic consequences for those concerned.

Did you know that Tehran's most popular hospital is Jewish? The Sapihr clinic, located in a poor neighborhood in the south of Iran's capital, offers treatment free of charge to those in need. After the Iranian Revolution, seven out of ten Jews left Iran.

e-book Erwachen in die Weiblichkeit: Erwachen in die Männlichkeit (German Edition)

Since Jews enjoy an ambivalent status as a 'protected minority'. This documentary gives an impressive insight of the Iranian minority's life under the double pressure of Islamic society and international sanctions and impresses with stunning comments of the people there. Everything that is humanly possible has been explored, investigated and recorded by mankind. But there is still one area about which we know as good as nothing for certain: No man has ever penetrated the earth's inner core and seen with his own eyes what takes place there. But how dangerous are volcanoes really?

Scientists are unanimous about one thing: The people in and around Naples are sitting on a number of gigantic powder kegs. Which is why researchers are daring to undertake a risky experiment - drilling directly into the heart of the fire chamber. Johann Strauss the Elder, one of the original fathers of the Vienna Waltz, celebrated his th anniversary in March He was the genius of music to revolutionize 19th century light music in collaboration with Josef Lanner, leaving thus an imprint on the spirit of the Biedermeier period.

After all, also Strauss the Elder and his own orchestra swept a massive audience away in standing ovations.