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Discover the backstory of one of the most well known villains of the 's, The Unabomber. A mathematical genius with a Harvard degree, Ted stay ahead of the FBI for almost 20 years until he was caught through a single phrase in his infamous manifesto. Learn the story of the "Poet of Death" who went to jail as a convicted serial killer, but got out after just 15 years based on the popularity of the books and poems he wrote while in prison.

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Unfortunately, Jack was a true killer and his new fame, fortune, and television jobs did not stop him from committing several more killing sprees all over the world, eventually being caught in Los Angeles. This is an extremely unique true crime story that fits within another true crime story. The first tragedy being the fact that his younger brother Steven, was kidnapped by a child molester and held captive for more than seven years before escaping and being reunited with his family. One of the worst monsters in history lured his young victims with free candy and parties.

He also had two teenage accomplices that would hand over their peers to the psychopath for a little bit of money. One of the only serial killers to be active while living with his parents, Joel never had the motivation to pursue jobs or relationships. He did take advantage of his short time of as a landscaper to aid in disposal of his victims' bodies. Learn more about your ad choices. Killer Jobs was asked by a local library to give a presentation for a true crime series. This talk by Killer Jobs host Chris Stanfield covers an overview of well known serial killers and the significance of their careers.

Willie Pickton is most likely the richest serial killer in history. Discover how this truck driver used his profession to get away with many murders, trick his victims, and keep the cops guessing for years.

Though, he may of been too good at covering up his crimes. Usually serial killers have a specific MO, victim type and odd fetish but, Arthur had it all. During this episode we will learn that he raped, tortured, hunted, and practiced necrophila on his victims, as he was known for returning to the corpse.

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See how the wildly popular film about the life of serial killer Aileen Wuornos, that won Charlize Theron an Oscar, matches up to her real life story. Did she kill in self defense? We dive into the profession and murders of America's most well known female serial killer. Discover how her work as a prostitute became a source for her killings. Tsutomu was born with physically deformed hands that made him look like a vampire, but that wasn't his only resemblance to the evil creature.

Find out how your favorite monsters were created! Dennis Nilsen wanted company and didn't care if they were dead or alive.


Learn about this former police officer's bizarre acts with the bodies of his victims including posing them around his house on furniture as he carried on conversations with the corpses. The Killer Clown used his management positions to lure victims into his deadly trap. Learn how the one time KFC manager went on one of the most famous killing sprees in American history that ended with twenty-six dead bodies piled in his basement crawlspace.

Robert Spangler murdered his family This was just the start of his killings.

Richard Ramirez went again the grain of of society in everything he did including his horrible actions, drug use, his lack of personal hygiene, his worship of of satan, and even his choice in music. Hear about his animalistic killing spree that terrified Los Angeles. Hear the brutal and shocking tale of the Coast to Coast Killer who murdered over 70 people across the United States.

His work as carnival worker and truck driver helped him stay on the run for his entire life. You've heard of dogs bothering postmen, but this is ridiculous. See how David Berkowitz's jobs helped shape the serial killer that would terrify New York City in the late 70's. A grave digger on a mission from God. The Yorkshire Ripper terrorized several cities all while maintaining a job a truck driver. An interview with Kate from the Ignorance Was Bliss podcast about the Pamela Smart case, in which a woman's husband is murdered by her teenage lover. Kate shares her special insight about the case, being in the area which it all occurred, and discusses meeting Pamela personally.

Killing was his job. Oh, and a corner office. A company car would be nice too. Mistake number three is being vague. It just sounds fancier but the end result is the same…no job. Who is this person? All we know by reading this statement is that they have skills and knowledge…but other than that, not much else.

What skills do they have? Do they really apply to the job? And what knowledge can they draw from that will benefit the company? See what we mean? Mistake number four is being too long. Because the example we were going to do was going to be so long and ridiculous that you and everyone else reading this post would just get bored and move onto another article. Remember that. This can also be confused with the too vague statement…. EXAMPLE : To obtain a position within my chosen field where I can utilize my skills as a hard-working, well-educated employee in exchange for a steady market-fair paycheck.

So what? Why are YOU the ideal candidate?

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What makes the hiring manager want to bring YOU in over everyone else? When writing your resume objective, you should always have the intention of answering this question. Any hiring managers who looks at a resume with objectives like those in our bad examples are going to immediately toss them into the trash and move onto the next candidate. Okay, enough with the bad resume objective samples! Do you know what I really need?

I need to know how to write an objective for my resume that will get me noticed! A really good place to start is by looking at the job description for the position you are applying for. According to international job search website Indeed. Jonathan wants the crack the code of Fatherhood. The new iPhone is cheeky. And workshopper. And email. Keyboard shortcuts. Design podcasts. It's been a fun ride! But all good things come to an end. Kind of. Jake and Jonathan have some important announcements to make in this episode.

Tune in to know what they are! They go deep on Jason's tweet on the idea of testing products internally vs launching early and relying on gut. Well, just the one book, really. Jake and Jonathan talk about an underrated, under-the-radar book that you should read. Jonathan gives a book-related lifehack that will save you money. Jonathan tells you how to get out of a creative rut. Then Jake and Jonathan wrap it up by talking about how they view this podcast and what they would like it to be. Was this the last episode..?! Strap in for another glorious ramblefest! Jonathan is bored.

Jake's Qi is acting up. Then Jake and Jonathan indulge in some self-love by reviewing one of their own previous episodes. Jonathan talks about CEOing.