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Pinter et al.

Testicular cancer: D. The decreased risk of arteriosclerosis in Down syndrome is discussed in Arin K. Greene et al. Aylward et al. McClure et al. Bray and David E. Ball et al. Neely Kazerouni et al.

Driscoll and Susan J. Shonkoff and Samuel J. Meisels Trent ; and James W. Trent Jr. Trent Contemporary historical analysis of the subject includes Daniel J. Trent ; and Daniel J. Erikson Myers and Siegfried M. Rondal et al. Furey and Jill J.

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Furey, James M. Granfield, and Orv C. Stores et al. Lobaugh et al. For more information on growth hormone, see Salvador Castells and Krystyna E. Pueschel et al. Mutton et al. Mansfield came up with a 92 percent rate, which has been the standard number for many years. Natoli et al. Day et al. For more on the factors at play in decision-making following prenatal testing, see Miriam Kupperman et al.

Lawson and Sheena A. The quotation appears on page Costa et al. Netzer et al. Steven Barnett and Glenna C. Ricci and Robert M. Researchers focusing on the subject include Brian G.

Faculty Bibliographies

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Legal, Political and Economic Dynamics

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Summers, Carl R. White, and M. Summers, Jeanne Ann, Shirley K. George H. Irvin, 27— Wilson, Judith, et al. The increase in life expectancy of people with Down syndrome and other forms of intellectual disability is discussed in Matthew P. Janicki et al. Prouty et al. Hodapp and Elisabeth M. Paul et al. A search of the keyword autism for yields 1, items; for , 7, items. For a discussion of the correlation between fever and behavioral improvement, see L.

Curran et al. Mehler and Dominick P. Researchers have found a higher-than-average incidence of psychiatric conditions among family members of individuals with autism; e. I have called these forms of thinking autistic, corresponding to the idea of schizophrenic autismus. They have encased themselves with their desires and wishes. This detachment from reality with the relative and absolute predominance of the inner life, we term autism.

Propagators of the term include Lauretta Bender, a child psychiatrist practicing at Bellevue Hospital, who published numerous reports of her clinical observations. For a contemporary expression of concern about the inappropriate application of the term, see Hilde L.

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