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Otherwise the related wikipedia article. The Bishopric of Brandenburg was a Roman Catholic diocese established by Otto the Great in , including the territory between the Elbe on the west, the Oder on the east, and the Schwarze Elster on the south, and taking in the Uckermark to the north. Its seat was Brandenburg upon Havel.

Located at Beetzsee is an Amt "municipal federation" in the district of Potsdam-Mittelmark, in Brandenburg, Germany. Its seat is in Beetzsee. The Opelwerk Brandenburg Opel's manufacturing plant at Brandenburg an der Havel was built, with impressive speed, in on the initiative of the government in order to ensure supplies of Opel trucks for the army. Wikipedia Article Opel factories, Motor vehicle assembly plants in Germany, Buildings and structures in Brandenburg, Industrial buildings completed in It provides a short cut for vessels navigating the River Havel, avoiding the winding and constricted navigation through the city of Brandenburg an der Havel.

The 5. The Beetzsee is a lake in the state of Brandenburg, Germany.

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It is situated to the north and east of the city of Brandenburg an der Havel. It consists of four lake separate lake basins, which are connected by narrow channels. The uppermost of these basins is also known as the Riewendsee. The lake is 22 kilometres long, and has a maximum depth of 9 metres, with an average depth of 3 metres.

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The lake is navigable and connects, at its southern end, to the River Havel and the Silo Canal. Wikipedia Article Lakes of Brandenburg. Opened in as a horsecar system, the network was converted to a electrically powered system in Brandenburg: an der Havel, Brandenburg source. Webcams provided by webcam.

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This is a wider card with supporting text below as a natural lead-in to additional content. This content is a little bit longer. As with all of his vehicles, the Ferdinand Porsche-designed tractor was exceptional. It used a hydraulic coupling between the engine and transmission to remove the issue of clutch wear and tear — a major problem faced by many tractors. Porsche developed a diesel engine that could be either 1, 2, 3, or 4 cylinders, with each cylinder being individually removable for simple maintenance.

The engine was an air-cooled design that had been created with reliability in mind, and a power takeoff was available from the front, side, and rear. The advanced for the era tractors proved popular around Europe and many were sold in the United States, Canada, and further afield also.

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By the time production ended in there were well over a hundred thousand of the characteristically red tractors around the world — many of which have survived to the modern day. It welcomed over 15 Porsche tractors in a special class and they raced over a somewhat shortened version of the circuit. It was sold initially by a farm equipment dealer in Germany named Roman Schweiger based in Weilheim, Germany. Before selling it to the Taj Ma Garaj in he had a number of mechanical and electrical issues addressed to ensure the tractor was in good condition.

Silodrome was founded by Ben back in , in the years since the site has grown to become a world leader in the alternative and vintage motoring sector, with millions of readers around the world and hundreds of thousands of followers on social media. You can take a guided tour of the cloisters 3 Euros , but take note that these only run in Spanish. Besides the cloister, you can visit a small museum with different rooms filled with liturgical objects, furniture, tapestries, paintings, sculptures and medieval manuscripts.

The library of the monastery contains fragments of bibles, manuscripts and musical fragments from some twenty codices hand-written manuscript books in Aquitaine notation.

A special event, which somehow we managed to miss during our stay, is that you can hear the monks chant at the monasterio Silos. If you plan your visit well, you may be able to attend one of the daily services by the Benedictine monks 6 times per day. In these services, they perform Gregorian chants , called vespers a sunset evening prayer service. If you want to hear the Benedictine monks of Santo Domingo de Silos chant, here is a great sound clip for you:.

It was built between and by the architect Fray Coello of Portugal, replacing a previous sanctuary that had been there to accommodate all parishioners and pilgrims.

7,200-year-old Vessel Tells of the Rise of the Elites

This museum in Santo Domingo de Silos showcases musical instruments , such as drums and lutes, from the region and from around the world. It was built with Moorish style brick and the tower features Islamic decorations, while the main nave has Romanesque style windows. The church was renovated in the 18th century, but still retains much of its Moorish elements. One day or even just one morning is more than plenty to see all the sights in Santo Domingo de Silos itself, but if you have some more time, there is a lot more to discover in the area, such as Desfiladero de La Yecla Burgos.

Or you can keep it simple and make a short stop at the natural space of Desfiladero de La Yecla , a gorge that can be found two kilometers from Silos. Desfiladero La Yecla is an impressive gorge in the Valley of Arlanza, with narrow footpaths and bridges that you would never even guess to be there coming from the main road!

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No worries though, while it sounds super exciting well… it kind of is because of the impressive scenery! That definitely made my bird-nerd alert go off, haha. While the community of Santo Domingo de Silos is just small and the focus lies on mostly rural tourism, there are some options when it comes to tasting some of the delicious products of the region. We started with a local bean soup Alubias and then I had a lovely white fish with asparagus and broccoli.

We had it for lunch and it tasted great! Also their tapas such as grilled chorizo, mushrooms and peppers and sausage with artichokes were delicious. But best of all? After dinner, which was quite hearty, I went back to my room to enjoy the last views of the Town Square at Blue Hour from behind my wooden shutters. Oh, did I forgot to mention that I managed to get pretty much the best room of the hotel, right out front and center?

From Santo Domingo de Silos. The city gate as you can see below is simply stunning, as is the main cathedral.

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Come back soon for a link to my full guide on things to see and do in Burgos for one day! I hope this article helped you deciding what to do in Santo Domingo de Silos. Here is more information to help you plan your trip:. Time Zone in Santo Domingo de Silos? Currency in Santo Domingo de Silos?